Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Field Spaniel Temperament and Care Requirements

If you want a dog that can either make an amazing hunting partner out on the open field or a dog that can contribute as both a loyal and loveable member of the family, then the Field Spaniel is perhaps the right dog breed for you. Field Spaniels have sweet even temperaments and personalities that will quickly win over any person that they come into contact with. Field Spaniels are good family pets, especially for younger families with small children, since Field Spaniels are not an aggressive dog breed by any means.
For the most part Field Spaniels require moderate amounts of time for care and attention. The Field Spaniel needs quite a lot of exercise, so if you're the type of person who just likes to sit and watch TV in your free time, then the Field Spaniel is not for you. If you like to take regular jogs or want to play games like catch with your dog on a frequent basis then the Field Spaniel is possibly a good option for you or you and your family.

The other thing to keep in mind is that because Field Spaniels have long coats that need regular grooming so that they do not develop any mats, which mats can potentially harm a dog’s health. It's recommended that you take your Field Spaniel or Field Spaniels to have their coats professionally cut roughly every month to every month and a half, unless you want to let your dog’s hair grow out for a bit.

There's no denying how truly special these England born Gundogs are. There's no doubt in my mind that a dog breed this outstanding can stay under the radar for too much longer. Eventually word will get out about the Field Spaniels once again, to where they might just become a staple family and Gundog around the world sometime in the future. When will this happen? Who knows, but for now the Field Spaniel will remain as the secret precious gem that it is.

The Appearance of The Field Spaniel

Despite Field Spaniels being as unpopular of a dog breed as they are, the Field Spaniel is a truly unique Gundog with many great and beautiful qualities to it. One of the many standout qualities of the Field Spaniels is its long, flat, wavy, glossy coat. If any Spaniel has an amazing coat it's definitely the Field Spaniel. Their coats come in color variations of deep chocolate browns, jet black, liver, black, roan with beige markings, and white.

Field Spaniel dogs have average withers of about 18 and a half inches while bitch Field Spaniels have average withers of about 17 to 17 and a half inches. Field Spaniels vary considerably great in weight. In general healthy Field Spaniels weigh from 34 to 56 pounds. Although these Gundogs can weigh more or less if they are over fed or under fed.

Field Spaniels have soft gentle facial characteristics. The Field Spaniel has somewhat wide set eyes that are almost always either solid dark brown or medium brown. Field Spaniels have noticeably droopy long floppy ears that manage to add an extra bit of elegance to this dog breed. Generally, Field Spaniels have their tales docked, but naturally Field Spaniels have medium length tails. These Gundogs have proportionately long bodies and somewhat short legs when compared to other Spaniels.

The History of the Field Spaniel

The Field Spaniel is a relatively medium sized dog breed that is closely related to Cocker Spaniels. The Field Spaniel is in fact such a close relative to Cocker Spaniels, many people consider to this dog breed to be simply just a large version of Cocker Spaniels.

Field Spaniels originated in England back in the eighteen and nineteen hundreds. Over the years the Field Spaniel has changed in ways with its appearance, and up until 1948 Field Spaniels actually had much longer and more disproportionate bodies than what they do today. Now, the Field Spaniel has been selectively bred into a more evenly figured dog breed in hopes of increasing the popularity of the Field Spaniel. Sadly, Field Spaniels are still a very unknown dog breed, even within the Dog Community; in the Field Spaniels home country of England they are relatively an unheard of dog. Here in the United States though, surprisingly enough this actually a recognized breed somehow.

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